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Frequently Asked Questions

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Confer Today is a powerful tool designed to help you find the best mortgage offers, all in one place. It simplifies the process of comparing Loan Estimates from different lenders, making your mortgage search easier than ever. Confer Today uses a unique ‘Compare as a Service’ (CfaaS) technology, making it the only tool that helps you compare official Loan Estimates, not just pre-credit mortgage offers​.

Confer Today follows a simple four-step process: First, you need to register with your name, email address, and phone number. Next, you upload two or more Loan Estimate PDFs to the Confer app. The app then uses AI to present a fee comparison for your review. Lastly, you send your preferred fees to the lender and potentially save thousands​5

The Confer Today app is designed to consistently provide fast, real-time results. It helps secure the most cost-effective mortgage offers by comparing multiple offers and recommending the most favorable lender while customizing the mortgage transaction. The app also catches discrepancies like exorbitant fees and unnecessary charges​6​.

Confer Inc. is a fintech startup specializing in mortgages. They are behind the development of Confer Today. Apart from helping individuals find the best mortgage offers, Confer Inc also specializes in developing custom software solutions for the mortgage finance industry. They provide innovative tools and consultation services designed to improve the experience for both customers and lenders​7​​8​.

Confer Inc. is currently offering an Amazon gift card of up to $70 for using their app and providing feedback. You can receive a $25 gift card for trying their app and uploading at least two official Loan Estimates, or a total of $70 Amazon Gift Card for trying the app, uploading the estimates, and providing feedback about their platform. The offer is currently only available to properties in the state of Texas (as of the time of this response).