Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We’ve got answers.

No - The Confer App is 100% free to use - there are no ads, no subscriptions, and no hidden costs to the borrower.
The results are available within minutes of requesting the comparison.
Up to three Loan Estimates can be compared in the app at one time.
Up to three unique Loan Estimates can be uploaded to the app at any point in time.
Yes - there are several negotiable fees! You may negotiate the discount points you pay, receive a credit for selecting a higher interest rate, and in some cases, even negotiate title insurance with your settlement agent.
* A pre-approval letter indicates you will likely be able to obtain financing from a specific lender. The potential fees and loan terms are largely uncertain at the time of preapproval. On the other hand, a Loan Estimate has a good faith estimate of the fees and loan terms for a real property. Fees cannot increase without very specific circumstances occurring.
Yes - with our revolutionary Confer app, you can custom design a mortgage that best suits your unique financial goals.
Title services, homeowner’s insurance, and inspections are among the most common shoppable services. These fees are typically found in Sections C and H of the Loan Estimate. Using the Confer App allows you to easily identify which services you can shop for.
The first time a lender obtains your credit report, a “Hard Pull” is performed. However, multiple pulls performed by different lenders within 45 days of the first pull will not negatively impact your credit score.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is an excellent resource for learning more about the mortgage process. We at Confer, believe in continuous education for the consumer and will be posting more knowledge-bytes on an on-going basis. Stay tuned!