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02 Upload two or more official Loan Estimates

Upload the official Loan Estimate PDFs to the Confer app.

03 Compare

Our app uses artificial intellegence (AI) to present an apples-to-apples fee comparison for your review.

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Confer Today app allows you to conveniently compare 2 or more official Loan Estimates which could save you an average of $1500 over the life of the loan*.

Shopping around for a better rate can save an average of $1,500 over the life of the loan with one additional rate quote and $3,000 or more for five quotes*. Click here to read the research in detail.

Confer provides comparison services to help you save by comparing mortgage offers from different lenders. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze the data, identify any unallowable fees, and compare loan terms and fees/costs between the official Loan Estimates (LEs). As a result, it recommends an option financially advantageous to the borrower.

We are NOT a mortgage lender or mortgage broker and do not provide financial advice. We help compare, educate and inform the borrower about options with regard to their mortgage.

*According to Freddie Mac Research

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