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About Us

Our Origin:
From Crisis to Clarity

In the wake of the 2008 financial catastrophe, the Dodd-Frank Act was enacted in 2010, establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to safeguard borrowers and regulate financial institutions. Despite this, we found that complexities and lack of transparency within the financial ecosystem continued to plague consumers. After billions in taxpayer funds were spent on creating an understandable format for Loan Estimates, a gap remained: there was no tool to aid consumers in comparing these estimates.

From this landscape emerged Confer, a company determined to disrupt the status quo. Our founders, with more than 145 years of combined experience in finance and technology, had a vision for a more transparent and equitable financial ecosystem.

Our Commitment:
A Consumer-Centric Approach

At Confer, we’re dedicated to empowering consumers. We’ve created the only tool available that uses our proprietary technology to compare multiple official mortgage estimates, helping borrowers find the most favorable mortgage rates for their unique circumstances, whether buying or refinancing a home.

Our Team:
Passionate Advocates for Financial Transparency

Our accomplished founding team has made significant contributions to the mortgage industry over the past two decades. Now, we’re putting that knowledge and experience to work to provide a product that truly serves consumers. We’ve dedicated countless hours and immense passion to this mission, striving to return power to the hands of consumers.

As an independent entity, we’re committed to helping consumers secure the most advantageous deal possible. We aspire to create an open and transparent system for borrowers and investors across the globe. At Confer, we’re democratizing finance.

With Confer, it is time to democratize finance.

Our Vision:
Democratizing Global Finance

Our aim is to democratize finance worldwide, ensuring it's affordable, accessible, and transparent for all individuals and entities to lend, borrow, or invest money.


Our Mission:
Creating a Marketplace that Works for All

Our goal is to build a consumer finance marketplace that serves every borrower and investor, every single time.

Our Core Values:
Guiding Principles for Our Work

We're committed to upholding our core values in all that we do:
- Transparency
- Integrity
- Reliability
- Trustworthiness


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Years of Combined Mortgage Experience


Diverse, Remote-first, Global Team

About our Founder - Yatin Karnik

About Our Founder

Yatin Karnik

Yatin Karnik [1] is a U.S.-based entrepreneur, business executive, and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Confer Inc., a FinTech startup, and Diabetes Free Life, a non-profit organization [2].
Karnik has extensive knowledge and experience in the residential lending business and specializes in risk mitigation, people management, regulatory and strategic program management.

Confer is based in Texas and has become one of the leading financial technology firms that focus on democratizing mortgages [3].

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