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Experience the power of modern fintech with Confer. Our cloud-based platform helps lenders streamline sales, operations, fulfillment, and closing processes with cutting-edge software tools.
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Our Services

Open new doors with Confer

Modular design allows you to choose a tool or our entire suite of tools for your existing platform.

You can choose from our suite of services to complement your current processes.  

Income Validation Tool

Verify and confirm the borrower's income as per underwriting guidelines.

Income Fraud Detection

Identify & prevent fraudulent activity related to the reporting or misrepresentation of income.

Modernize Customer experience

Improve customer Experience

We specialize in creating bespoke software solutions that help banks to deliver a seamless and personalized experience to their customers.

Drive business growth

Our solutions are designed to streamline processes, increase efficiency, & provide users with the convenience and control they demand.

Achieve operational efficiency

Whether through automation, data analytics, or process optimization, we have the tools & expertise to help you improve efficiency.

Home Journey with Confer Inc.

Streamline the customer journey to homeownership

With the help of Confer’s tools and services, you can seamlessly streamline the customer journey to homeownership with an omnichannel approach to originations.

Use cutting-edge tools to simplify the application process by providing an easy-to-use online application platform and communicating the required documentation and steps. And separate yourself from the crowd by giving personalized advice and support to help customers make informed decisions and stay on track to achieving the dream of homeownership.

Income Analysis Tool

Calculate and verify income, using CFPB-compliant methods, for various use cases, including traditionally and non-traditionally employed borrowers, for QM as well as non-QM, using income verification tool.
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Income Fraud Detection Tool Overview

Income Fraud Detection

An effective practice to detect and prevent fraud demands the use of multiple analytics and machine learning techniques.

Advanced analytics for income fraud detection. With predictive modeling, we can identify suspicious income documents based on the known patterns of proven fraudsters using machine learning. We analyze W2, Paystubs, Credit Report, Bank Statements, 4506-T, VOE/VOI, and Social Media.

Fee Service

Provides cutting-edge technology solutions to help Banks/Lenders with their Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure data accuracy needs. We know how important it is to put the best foot forward with an accurate Loan Estimate the first time, reducing Over Tolerance losses and CCV tasks to monitor. We have nationwide fee data for various services, and we continue adding more every week. We take pride in delivering exceptional speed and accuracy. Our results are always TRID compliant and guaranteed to prevent costly fee refunds. You can use our Cloud-based custom fee-engine technology as a standalone application or directly integrate it within your LOS.
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Vendor Support Service

We know how challenging it is to follow up on all your third-party orders. It is extremely frustrating to miss a closing due to vendor delays.

Let us help you place an order, follow up, and expedite an order with your vendors. All while reducing your cost originate by only paying for successful orders. We have resident knowledge of the best way to connect with vendors nationwide. This also reduces turnaround time for most.

Home Equity Subordinations

A subordination agreement is an agreement with any second mortgage, HELOC, or other lien holders to subordinate their debt to the primary mortgage. With resident knowledge of the best way to connect with Banks/Services nationwide, know their cost, process & time-to-complete. This helps you expedite your subordinations process by at least 60%.